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Exploration of Complex Henon Dynamics

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Graphics software HenonExplorer and HenonViewer

Pictures of this page can be generated by HenonExplorer.

The interactive graphics software HenonExplorer is here. This software runs on Mac/(quad)core i7.(xcode required.) ( updated 19th Sept, 2014).

Compile the xcodeproject in the directory using xcode.

Source code of HenonViewer Ver2 for Oculus DK2 + Gamepad DUALSHOCK3(or Logicool f710) is here.(xcode required.) ( updated 6th, October, 2014).

3D viewing with OculusRift of the fractal data generated by HenonExplorer is realized by this HenonViewer Ver2.

Sample data file for HenonViewer is here(95MB).

These software are for Macintosh with Marverics OS.

Another sample data file for HenonViewer is here(267.3MB).

Movies from HenonExplorer

Click the picture to animate. These movies are generated by Mitsu Shishikura's software AnimationMaker(R).

classic Henon strange attractor

Siegel-Reinhardt domain

Phoenix near saddle-node bifurcation

Saddle-node bifurcation

Homoclinic point observed as the intersection of stable manifold and unstable manifold

Coexistence of attracting fixed point and period three attracting cycle

Near parabolic situation for det(f) = -0.3